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Our story

The „Kriva cuprija“ motel (engl. crooked bridge) was built in 1998, and completely restored in 2006 and 2010. The motel is categorized as a three-star motel. In May 2005, a restaurant was opened as a part of the Motel. It is located next to the river Radobolja flow, some hundred meters upstream from the famous Old Bridge. It was built entirely out of natural materials, such as stone and wood, and as such, perfectly fits the ambient of the Old Town; it doesn't disturb the natural habitat, and offers an excellent symbiousis of the modern and ancient.
The same accomodation is offered in the Motel, without sacrificing pleasures of the modern life, you can get caught in the 17th and enjoy the architecture of those times.
Another pleasure offered by the location of the Motel is that is placed just 5 minutes of walk away from the downtown, so that in 15 minutes you can travel through 3 different civilisation, the Turkish, the Austro-Hungarian and modern Eastern European. In the summer time, the guests of the Motel can also enjoy in a tour of Herzegovina, from Blagaj to Kravice waterfalls.
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