About Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the south of the Balkans, and as the rest of the peninsula, it has had a very interesting history. Too often has that history been sad and turbulent, but that is exactly what gives this country its peculiarity. When you arrive here for the first time, the first thing you notice is that it was ruled by various conquerors, and they all left a piece of their heritage. Thus, the tombstones of Radimlja and Bjelimici tell stories of the kingdom of Bosnia; Bašcaršija in Sarajevo and The Old Bridge in Mostar testify about the Turkish rule; various buildings and infrastructure built in the pseudo-Maurish style about the touch of Austro-Hungary, and finally, a modern European profile from 1950’s on, that is, socialist Bosnia and Herzegovina.
You can experience and see in the town of Mostar. Mostar is the administrative centre of Herzegovina and its largest town. It has always been referred to as a nice place for living, due to its mild and favourable climates, with over 230 sunny days in a year and winds which make the air in the town so potent and kind. Because of its history, Mostar, as we know it now, has two distinctive parts: the ancient, Old Town, which dates from the early 16th century, and the modern from 1950’s. Regardless to the entrance to the town, you are met by traces of blending of cultures and civilizations, so, in a radius of one hundred meters you can see a mosque, a Roman Catholic church and the spot of the new Mostar synagogue; from the asphalt you will unexpectedly walk on the cobble stone road and dive into the beauty of Mostar. Once you enter the downtown and pass the busiest streets, you will see why Mostar is known as one of the most interesting destinations of this part of Europe.
Somehow, Mostar is the crossroads of paths from the Mediterranean to the inside of the continent. Whether you are on your way to the pilgrimage to Medugorje or visiting Dervish House in Blagaj, Mostar is a part of your journey. Since it less than an hour drive away from the Adriatic coast and just over 2 hours drive away from the capital of Sarajevo, Mostar is an ideal place for vacation. The town is open for tourists throughout the whole year, and last year’s number of tourist exceeding half a million says it all. In the summer part of the season, the town offers numerous attractive locations, the most famous of them being The Old Bridge, originally built in 1566, and fully reconstructed in 2004. The core of The Old Town, including the Bridge is proclaimed a protected UNESCO zone for its importance and beauty. For all these reasons, almost all tourist agencies place Mostar in their offers. Come and see why that much tourist are visiting Mostar.
Mostar is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located on the banks of the River Neretva and is the cultural and economic center Herzegovina , and also the largest city in Herzegovina. The city is named after the bridge keepers (bridge) on the banks of the River Neretva. Belongs to one of the most beautiful cities in the Bosnia and Herzegovina.
City panorama
Old City of Mostar is interesting for its narrow streets full of life. It contains a multitude of restaurants and craft with traditional offerings. There is a wide variety of cultural, historical and religious sites such as the Old Bridge, Crooked Bridge, Karadjoz mosques, Turbe, Hamam, town bath, old Orthodox church, synagogue ...
The Old Town
Mostar's Old Bridge is a symbol of the city of Mostar. It is characterized by a slim and elegant form: the profile of the bridge was so thin and high above the water that much more difficult to imagine that such a building can be made of huge stone blocks. Most of the bright shiny color that changes throughout the day depending on the sun.
City's other landmarks